The owner of one of Norwich's newest Italian restaurants has seen a "sentimental" bottle which has been with him for decades stolen from his pizzeria's counter.

Mamma Mia joined Castle Quarter's new food court in November, with the "historic" wine bottle taking pride of place next to its till.

The bottle has followed owner Rocco Consiglio throughout his career, from his time running Norwich's Zizzi restaurant in Tombland, the Sicily Trattoria market stall and his own pizza van.

It is so important to Mr Coniglio that he has decided to offer free pizza to anyone who can provide him with information on the bottle's whereabouts.

Norwich Evening News:

He believes it was snatched between 5pm and 7pm on Tuesday, while staff were fulfilling orders on a particularly busy day.

Manager Andrea Schettino said Castle Quarter security staff had been made aware of the issue and had identified CCTV footage of the culprit.

He said: "The bottle has been with Rocco for decades, his parents had it so it has sentimental value for him.

Norwich Evening News: Staff at Mamma Mia in Castle Quarter, owner Rocco Consiglio (left) and manager Andrea Schettino (centre)Staff at Mamma Mia in Castle Quarter, owner Rocco Consiglio (left) and manager Andrea Schettino (centre) (Image: Newsquest)

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"It has nothing in it so it's not worth anything to anyone apart from him, it's all emotional value.

"We were really busy on Tuesday, it was one of our busiest days, at the time it was stolen we were busy making the food and taking calls.

"We turned our backs for a few moments and when we looked back it was gone.

Norwich Evening News:

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"Anyone who knows anything about it can have free pizza if they can tell us something about where it is or what happened."

The restaurant serves pizza, pasta and other Italian street food at Castle Social.

Castle Quarter launched the food hall in October and includes the Pinker & Green bar alongside food outlets including Curry Box, the Hank's Dirty burger joint and The Streetfood Box.