Escaped dogs killed a cat and some chickens during a chaotic evening that has left villagers upset on the edge of Norwich.

The rampage happened in Bawburgh, near the Norfolk Showground, when the four dogs killed a cat and seven chickens.

There have also been reports of a further cat and chicken being injured in the spree, which saw the animals damage a number of fences on Tuesday.

One cat was mauled to death outside Bawburgh School as parents and children attending a parents' evening watched on unable to stop the dogs.

People living nearby reported seeing armed police turn up with dog handlers to try and get them under control.

Norwich Evening News:

It took place after the dogs got out of a home in the village and ran down Hockering Lane, Harts Lane and Stocks Hill at about 6.30pm on March 28.

Those living in the village say it is not the first time the dogs have escaped their home, with the last time being Christmas last year.

Damien Smart, 43, from Costessey, who works in offshore oil, was attending the parents' evening with his two six-year-olds and three-year-old at the Hockering Lane primary school when he saw the horror unfold.

Norwich Evening News: Damien Smart, 43, who was attending a parents' evening with his children at the timeDamien Smart, 43, who was attending a parents' evening with his children at the time (Image: Damien Smart)

He said: "We came out of the parents' evening to see the four dogs ripping this poor cat to pieces outside.

"There were already some others out there and we tried to shoo and push the dogs away but it was too late.

Norwich Evening News:

"The cat's owner was there and she was obviously upset, but she said imagine what would happen if it was during school time and all the kids were there.

"Another parent wrapped the dead cat up in a scarf and returned it to the owner.

"People shouldn't have big dogs if they can't control them, apparently they're always getting out."

Norwich Evening News: The dogs on the loose in BawburghThe dogs on the loose in Bawburgh (Image: Damien Smart)

Bawburgh School confirmed children were not in class at the time of the incident and said school staff remained inside while the incident was dealt with by police.

Parents say the cat was well-loved by children at the school who regularly stopped to pet him outside.

Norwich Evening News:

The police eventually caught the dogs and their owner was called to collect them.

One person who lives in the village and did not wish to be named said she wanted to see action against the owner.

She said: "People in the village feel shocked and scared such aggressive dogs not only killed their beloved animals but could have hurt people and children too.

"This can’t be allowed to happen again, though I think people are afraid to press charges."

Norwich Evening News: Bawburgh School where kids and parents watched on as a beloved cat was ripped to piecesBawburgh School where kids and parents watched on as a beloved cat was ripped to pieces (Image: Newsquest)

Another villager, who did not wish to be named, said the dogs must have travelled quite a distance as they were first seen at the top of Harts Lane before passing the King's Head pub and crossing the bridge in the centre of Bawburgh.

She said: "I don't really know what they did but we could see them running about near the pub.

"It looked like wild animals from where we were standing, I didn't notice they were dogs, everyone was quite scared.

"It has been the talk of the village, everyone has been telling their stories about it."

Police confirmed they were investigating following the incident but would not confirm how many officers were sent to the scene. 

A police spokeswoman said: "Police were called to Bawburgh at 6.13pm on Tuesday, March 28 following reports that four dogs had escaped a property and killed a cat and seven chickens at another two properties in the village.

"Enquiries continue."