Regular users of a city park have raised concerns about how new parking charges will impact their groups.

Norwich City Council has said charges at Eaton Park's two car parks will come into effect from midday on Saturday, March 25, and those wishing to buy tickets before tariffed hours can do so while the car park is free.

Gabriel Evbota, 57, is chairman of the Norwich and District Sunday Football League which plays matches at Eaton Park.

Norwich Evening News: Gabriel EvbotaGabriel Evbota (Image: Gabriel Evbota)

"We pay the council an astronomical amount for the pitches and it goes up every year," said Mr Evbota, who lives in Dussindale.

"With the charges, they'll get £3,000 in parking fees from us across the 50 games we play a season.

"We hoped the council would give us a further concession.

"Could they not take the cost out of our pitch fee? We're still contributing to the park."

Norwich Evening News: Eaton ParkEaton Park (Image: Archant)

Season tickets cost £40 for six months and £70 a year - but are only valid for up to four hours a day.

"This will deter people from coming. We're struggling enough to play on grass as it is. We're determined and want to play," he added.

"The car park is going to have a knock-on effect."

The sentiment was shared by 70-year-old Philip Barr, chairman of Norwich Model Boat Club which has been based at Eaton Park for almost a century.

Norwich Evening News: Philip Barr, chairman of Norwich Model Boat ClubPhilip Barr, chairman of Norwich Model Boat Club (Image: Philip Barr)

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He fears the club may fold as his members - 16 of which are over 80 and 12 are disabled - may have to surrender their memberships because of the new charges.

"A season ticket only lasts for four hours," he explained.

"Members come to spend the day.

"And even with a ticket, there's no guarantee of a space.

Norwich Evening News: Model boats racing at Eaton ParkModel boats racing at Eaton Park (Image: Andrew Wolstenholme)

"Our survival hangs in the balance. We're in jeopardy.

"Sixty per cent of our members are retired or live alone. This is the only social gathering they may have."