Losing a child is always hard and I don’t think I could imagine how devastating it would feel.

At the start of the year, the wider Norwich community was in shock after the death of Amber Sheehy, eight, on January 14.

The Horsford youngster was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma brain tumour in April 2019 at the age of five after she started having headaches and being sick in the mornings.

In June 2021 Amber was able to ring the celebratory bell, marking the end of her treatment.

But in April 2022 the Sheehy's were told the youngster’s cancer had returned – and this time was inoperable.

Before her death, Amber’s family made sure she had the best Christmas and she died an hour before her ninth birthday with her parents Amanda and Jon by her side.

After the sad occasion the grief from people who knew her as well as people who had read about Amber was clear to see.

There were tributes to the Norwich City superfan from the Canaries and Horsford Football Club.

And her legacy is continuing through Amber’s Army.

The charity was set up by Amber’s parents to create rainbows in the darkest of days for Norfolk families who have a child with a terminal cancer diagnosis.

It aims to create experiences that will last a lifetime for the whole family not just children who are ill.

The charity also provides emotional support to families and young people.

It is also offering events with a difference to spread the word of the worthy cause including a tattoo day on May 7 at ET Tattoo Studio on Munnings Road, Norwich.

People can get a unique tattoo in memory of the brave youngster.

The pain of losing Amber will never go away for family and friends but it is amazing to see loved ones focus on community events to help others going through a tough time.