Those close to Carrow Road on Wednesday night may have noticed a number of fire engines and police cars and smoke billowing from the ground.

But there was no need to panic as police carried out a training exercise alongside firefighters to plan for the event of a blaze at the home of Norwich City.

Norwich Evening News:

The drill saw smoke float from the Aviva Community Stand as young police cadets watched on, helping those involved in the exercise to identify issues.

One of the police cadets helping out said: "It’s not always easy to know how we have helped in these exercises. 

"But we have supported all of the organisations to improve their response in an emergency which is positive."

Norwich Evening News:

Prior to the exercise Norfolk Fire and Rescue and the club put out a warning to those living nearby and urging them to give emergency services the space needed to carry it out.

It represents the first time in four years that police and fire have practised for the event of an emergency at the football ground.