Norwich is a city blessed with beautiful buildings and landmarks.

There is one building that stands out though, in the wrong way in my humble opinion, and that is Anglia Square.

I have no issue with the businesses within Anglia Square because I regularly shop in several of the shops in the complex.

They are key to the make up of Magdalen Street and need to be protected.

It is the building I have an issue with because I see it every day I come into the city on my bus and it just does not look good.

If you were a visitor to Norwich and saw Anglia Square, it would not give the best first impression.

It includes Sovereign House which was built in the 1960s and used as the headquarters of Her Majesty's Stationery Office (HMSO) until it was left to fall into dereliction in 1996.

The four-storey structure is a classic example of the post-war brutalist architectural trend which was defined by block-like forms and angular geometric shapes.

Plans to redevelop the overall site go back to 2001, when the site was owned by Quintain Estates, but so far, no work has started.

Plans for a tower block and 1,250 homes were granted planning permission by Norwich City Council in 2018 but in 2021 the then local government secretary deemed the plans could not go ahead.

Developers Weston Homes and site owner Columbia Threadneedle went back to the drawing board and have revealed updated details for its 1,100-home scheme.

But Norwich Society, Historic England and SAVE Britain’s Heritage have told the city council they are objecting to the latest proposals, unveiled last month.

The groups previously raised concerns over the height and massing of buildings.

I know local concerns need to be addressed but Anglia Square needs to be sorted out for businesses and future homeowners of potential new properties as part of the site.