Pumpkin the Tesco cat is to undergo potentially life-saving treatment after his Facebook fans raised £2,500 to fund it.

Followers raised the cash in less than four days after owner Jo Harding announced the cat, who was banned from the shop in Acres Way, Thorpe Marriott in 2019, was suffering from hyperthyroidism causing a rapid heartbeat and increased metabolism rate.

His thyroid level, which should be between 15 and 40, is currently 184.7 meaning he needs specialist radioactive iodine treatment in order to have the best chance of survival.

Norwich Evening News:

The popular pussy was no longer responding to his usual treatment and vets said a new course of treatment was unlikely to save him.

Mrs Harding said: "It's great news, we've already booked the appointment, he wouldn't have had a chance beforehand.

"We're not sure what the outcome will be but now he's got the best chance of making another five years."

It comes after Mrs Harding almost shut down his Facebook page as Pumpkin was no longer visiting the mini supermarket but was persuaded not to by his 4,500 Facebook fans.