A heavy snow shower has covered cars, roofs and streets in Norwich.

By 10am today, rain turned to snow and the showers have become progressively heavier and by 10.30am the snow started to settle.

A Met Office yellow weather warning for snow and ice is currently in place until midday today.

Norwich Evening News: Snow falls at Norwich MarketSnow falls at Norwich Market (Image: Edward Dewulf-Peters)

The snow showers caused low visibility in the streets with major landmarks normally visible from miles around obscured by the flurry.

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People have been warned to take caution on roads and pavements and it is thought the snowfall could cause icy conditions into tomorrow.

Norwich Evening News: Snow covers roads and buildings in a street in NorwichSnow covers roads and buildings in a street in Norwich (Image: Kelly Robinson)

By noon, it had stopped and the snow that had settled began to melt quickly.

Weather warnings for snow and ice have been in place since Tuesday this week.

A Met Office Level 3 cold weather alert for most of the country is in place until 9am on Monday, March 13.

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