He is known to some Canaries fans as the GOAT for his goalscoring prowess, but did you know Teemu Pukki was once transformed into the animal for a Disney comic?

As one of the country's biggest sports stars, Pukki was asked by Aku Ankka, Finland's popular Donald Duck magazine, to write a story about himself which was then illustrated and published.

The comic tells the story of a selfish footballer, who resembles Pukki as an actual goat, as he eventually learns to become a team player.

The word pukki, in Finnish, is used to describe a billygoat or a buck and the acronym GOAT is used affectionately in sport to describe the 'greatest of all time'.

Norwich Evening News:

The comic was released in the build-up to Finland's first-ever appearance at the Euros in 2021. 

Speaking about his story when it was published, Pukki said: "Aku Ankka is a great magazine, and it's great that I now get to write my own story for it. 

"It was the highlight of the week when I came home from school on Wednesdays and got to read Donald Duck."  

Pukki fan, Jari Valtonen, who has followed Norwich since the Finn signed in 2018, said appearing in the comic would have been a big honour as it is the most popular children's magazine in the Nordic nation, with more than half a million readers.

Norwich Evening News:

He said: "The comic has become an institution, we all read it during our childhood across many generations.

"Donald Duck's character is perfect for Finns, a bit of a rascal who always gets into trouble, nobody's interested about Mickey Mouse here.

"Teemu would have read it too when he was young so it would have been an honour to him."

Norwich Evening News:

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Aki Hyyppä, editor of the magazine which has been published since 1951, said the story was a good example of a Donald Duck comic.

He said: "Being the scriptwriter of the duck story is a very rare honour that few people get.

"We wanted Teemu Pukki to participate because Finland's entrance to the European Championships was historic."

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