A man who runs his own record label is giving the city's punks a place to hunt for vintage albums by opening a dedicated record shop. 

Mark Blenkiron opened Dirt during the first week of December and it has already proven a hit with local music lovers. 

The shop, located under the flyover on Magdalen Street, sells a selection of vinyl and CDs. 

It also has rails upon rails of band t-shirts featuring groups ranging from The Cramps to Can as well as pin badges.

Norwich Evening News:

Mr Blenkiron is no stranger to the punk and noise scene having worked in Piccadilly Circus's legendary Tower Records for eight years in the 1980s as well as running his own record label and independent radio station, Rebel Radio.

Norwich Evening News:

During the 1990s Mr Blenkiron also used to drive bands and their equipment around the UK, including the groups Jesus Lizard, the Fleshtones and Terminal Cheesecake.

Norwich Evening News:

He previously sold records and t-shirts online but wanted to give people a chance to pick up memorabilia from obscure bands in the city.

Norwich Evening News:

Mr Blenkiron said: "I've opened it to see how it goes, we've started off with a short three-month lease and we'll go from there.

"I didn't want to commit to it too much because everything is uncertain economically at the moment, but it's been really well received so far.

"We've been pretty busy almost every day we've been open so far. I'm hoping we can give people something they can't get elsewhere.

Norwich Evening News:

"The location was the dealbreaker, the audience is already there with Beatniks, which is a great record shop just across the road.

"John the owner is a good friend of mine so he was more than happy for me to open there.

Norwich Evening News:

"I've been selling band t-shirts for over 30 years and I inherited a big lock-up of band t-shirts from a friend who sadly passed on so that's why we have so many in the shop.

"We could probably do with a bit more space but I've always been into punk music and anything noisy really so this is perfect."