With David Wagner preparing to take the reins at Norwich City, will the former Huddersfield Town boss be able to reconnect fans with their club?

German-American coach Wagner is in the UK and expected to be named City boss soon. 

It comes after former head coach Dean Smith struggled to build a rapport with supporters and was sacked following a dismal run of form.

Norwich Evening News:

Canaries Trust board member Lorraine Taylor said there was still a "disconnect" but hoped Wagner's enthusiasm could fix the issue.

She said: "Wagner is in the same style as Daniel Farke, so I can understand why it's him.

Norwich Evening News:

"But honestly, there is more to do in order to bring the fans back onside than just appointing a new manager.

"He seems a good fit, hopefully he will go some way to reconnect the fans with the club because at the moment the disconnect is still there."

Andy Bowles, who is part of the family running On The Stall City, said supporters had to get behind the German and added he was still behind sporting director Stuart Webber.

Norwich Evening News:

Mr Bowles said: "His way of playing isn't the same as Farke, but it does seem like he enjoys interacting with the fans.

"But he has to earn the relationship Farke had with the fans.

"I do think it's an excellent appointment though, he's got a job on his hands but that Huddersfield team were so exciting to watch.

"Unlike a lot of people I'm still a big fan of Webber I don't know what he was thinking with Smith but I still have a lot of faith in him."

However, Andrew Lawn of Along Come Norwich agreed with Ms Taylor saying he believed there was still more to be done.

Norwich Evening News:

He said: "Hopefully he'll rebuild that connection between the fans and their team.

"I think Dean Smith was always going to be a short-term thing, I feel like Wagner is a much better fit in terms of the situation we're in.

"But ultimately it's about more than the manager, there are still things to be done such as better communication.

"It's a clean slate for the new manager though, we've got to get behind him."