Some city folk are enduring treacherous trudges as the big freeze continues to bring icy conditions to Norwich, leaving some worried to leave their homes.

Slippery pavements have seen some older people decide to stay indoors this week to avoid a possible fall and injury.

And while there are grit bins dotted around the city, many people are not aware that they can use them.

Norwich Evening News:

Gary Champion, Green Party councillor for Sewell ward, said: "I've done a bit of door-knocking to make sure people are okay and there are a lot of elderly people who won't go out because they're worried about the icy paths.

"Cyclists have also been in touch to say they've come off their bikes because the cycle paths aren't gritted either.

"It's not an ideal scenario for people but more awareness needs to be made about the grit bins around.

"Lots of people are unaware the bins are for public use which is an issue."

Norwich Evening News:

A spokesman for Norfolk County Council, which is responsible for maintaining highways, said: "Gritting crews have had a very busy week so far completing 18 full gritting runs over the past nine days to help keep our roads safe.

"In Norwich, Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn we have been treating the usual pedestrian areas, paths and car parks each evening over the last 10 days, and the team are set to do another treatment from about 3.30pm today."

However, despite roads generally being well maintained, many pavements in the city centre have been slick with ice in recent days, as shoppers search for Christmas presents.

Mr Champion says more could be done to help the public get the most out of the grit bins around the city.

Norwich Evening News:

He added: "Ideally there would be more grit bins - in Gertrude Road for example there's only one bin right at the top of it - and it's a long road.

"There are signs on the inside of the bins, but the telephone number is incorrect - it takes you to the city council when it should be the county council - so it needs to be updated.

"Members of some communities have also left out spades or buckets because without them people couldn't use the grit even if they wanted to."