A street food vendor is bringing the taste of Canada to Norwich with poutine and Nanaimo bars.

The Funky Pickle, which already has two vans in Surrey, is planning on launching in the new year.

The company was started in 2018 after couple Bob Vandal and Cheryl White retired to the UK from Alberta, Canada, later to be joined by Bob's son Colton.

CEO Bob Vandal said: "My father was based here and I was born here so I always hoped to come back and once we were here we needed something to do.

Norwich Evening News: A Canadian pizzaA Canadian pizza (Image: The Funky Pickle)

"We wanted to help introduce Canadian food to the British palate. 

"And it's working - people come from ages away to see us because we bring something unique and different.

"I think we're one of the only Canadian street food vendors in the UK, so we're in pretty high demand."

The Funky Pickle works alongside pubs and the team have already been approached by a few boozers in Norwich that are keen for their customers to get a taste of Canada.

Norwich Evening News: The van is covered in mementos from Mr Vandal's lifeThe van is covered in mementos from Mr Vandal's life (Image: The Funky Pickle)

And people can't seem to get enough of poutine -  a dish of French fries and cheese curds topped with gravy. 

Mr Vandal added: "It is probably the most well-known and it's starting to take off big time here.

"But we're really proud of our pizza pie - that's what started this whole thing.

"I had pizza here years ago with some friends and thought Brits need to know about Canadian pizza.

Norwich Evening News: Poutine - chips topped with cheese curds and gravyPoutine - chips topped with cheese curds and gravy (Image: The Funky Pickle)

"It's like a deep dish made with Manitoba wheat. It has a crispy bottom and a chewy middle filled with so much cheese."

Other items on the Funky Pickle menu, which already delights customers in Farnham and Guildford, include deep-fried dill pickles, Halifax donairs and Nanaimo bars.

The Norwich operation will be run by Stan and Anna Mihaylov and will be opening in the new year.