Rush hour frustration has returned on part of the city's outer ring road, causing workers to be late for work and endure a slow crawl home.

Commuters were relieved when Sweet Briar Road finally reopened after 99 days on May 27, following a burst water main.

But a further burst water main meant the road was closed again yesterday.

Anglian Water expects the repair work to be completed and traffic management removed by the "close of play" today.

Joyce Hanton, who works at Cooks Blinds and Shutters in the Sweet Briar Road Industrial Estate, ended up parking outside the estate and walking the final 10 minutes to work on Thursday morning.

Norwich Evening News: Workmen on site in Sweet Briar Road Workmen on site in Sweet Briar Road (Image: Denise Bradley)

She said: "We were all late by at least 20 minutes. I had no idea until I was stuck in the queue of traffic. 

"I had to divert via Hospital Lane and park elsewhere. I could not even get on the ring road. The normal route was bumper to bumper. 

"Norwich was completely gridlocked the last time Sweet Briar Road was closed off.

"It was closed for months so this is really frustrating." 

Norwich Evening News: Sweet Briar Road traffic Sweet Briar Road traffic (Image: Denise Bradley)

Anglian Water said the road excavation was backfilled later on Thursday morning before a road sweeper cleaned up the site.

The excavation was then due to be base tarmacked last night with a further reinstatement layer scheduled to be added to the road on Friday morning.

The water company thanked customers for their patience.

Norwich Evening News: Traffic congestion in Sweet Briar Road Traffic congestion in Sweet Briar Road (Image: Denise Bradley)

A spokeswoman said: "We do appreciate this is a difficult road to have works on and we are working hard to minimise disruption."

Andrew Rump, owner of A G R Autos in the industrial estate, said there were delays for parts to be delivered to the vehicle repair business.

Mr Rump added: "It has been a bit of a nightmare getting in and for customers picking their cars up."

Chrissie Rumsby, Labour county councillor for the Mile Cross ward, said: "There seems to be roadworks all over the place at the moment and it is chaotic.

Norwich Evening News: Councillor Chrissie Rumsby Councillor Chrissie Rumsby (Image: Labour Party)

"This only adds to the disorder."