A council will not be taking any action after discussions took place over whether streetlights are needed to serve a new housing estate. 

No lights were installed along Holt Road as Horsford was extended to include the Kingfisher Meadow development.

The estate was originally made up of 259 homes after planning permission was granted in 2017.

But the revised application sought permission from Broadland District Council for 45 more homes - taking the total up to 304.

During this month's Horsford Parish Council meeting in the village hall, the idea of streetlights between Sandy Lane and the Kingfisher Meadow roundabout was put forward. 

It was reported that homeowners chose not to have streetlights installed during the village's expansion.

And now, the council has agreed it is unlikely highways would be able to fund the infrastructure required and the funds would be "prohibitively expensive" for the parish council to take on.

A spokeswoman for the parish council confirmed no action would be taken regarding the lighting.

She said: "The parish council is not going to do anything about it. That's the end of it.

"Just because an item is brought up in a council meeting does not mean there will be any action or any further interest."

Lisa Starling, Liberal Democrats district councillor for Horsford and Felthorpe, said she would be happy to speak to any homeowners who are concerned about the lighting along the road between Sandy Lane and the estate. 

Norwich Evening News: Councillor Lisa Starling Councillor Lisa Starling (Image: Broadland District Council)

She said: "I live in Horsford and drive down that road but I do not have any problems.

"However, if there are people who are experiencing problems with it then I am happy to talk to them about it and to look into it." 

Horsford has undergone a building boom with more than 500 new homes going up in the five years leading up to 2021 - and with plans for hundreds more to be built. 

Kingfisher Meadow consists of a collection of two, three and four-bedroom homes opposite the Horsford Wood Car Park.

Dave Thomas, who represents Horsford on Broadland District Council, has been contacted for comment on the streetlights issue.