A city pond that was found to be full of dumped fish during the summer drought has refilled with water.

The 'vinegar pond' in Mousehold Heath dried out in the summer and in the puddle that was left behind thousands of non-native fish were found and subsequently rescued.

After some very hard months the pond is now back to its former glory.

Green Party councillor Gary Champion said: “The vinegar pond is some of the only standing water on the heath and as such is of importance to wildlife such as frogs and dragons flies.

“Now the pond is filling up after the long summer drought, I hope we'll see the return of spawning frogs in the spring.

“The Mousehold Heath Wardens, who work hard looking after our city's nature reserve, will be monitoring the pond in case any invasive fish slipped the net.

“Releasing non-native species into the wild, will cause problems with ecosystem balance and is strongly discouraged.”