A man from Norwich was found dead in his flat on the same day he was due to begin a new job, an inquest heard.

Wayne Hawkes, of Bowers Avenue in Mile Cross, was aged 37 when he was found deceased by an acquaintance he had first met four weeks previously.

Members of his family, including his brother and sister, attended an inquest held at the city's Coroner's Court on Wednesday, October 5.

A statement written by his mother, Sandra Hawkes, described her son as “a pleasant and helpful boy” who would often come round for dinner and a chat but would often ask for money.

On March 15, he visited her and left his laundry promising to collect it at the weekend. She said he was “clean shaven, smart and handsome” and was excited about starting his new job at retailer B&M the following day.

He then visited his sister, Dion Hawkes, as she was helping him with rent arrears paperwork. He promised to return at the weekend and bring with him information needed for the forms.

Later that evening, at 10pm, Mr Hawkes brought alcohol on Aylsham Road where he met a friend. The pair bought more alcohol before going to Mr Hawkes' flat to smoke and drink. They also took heroin.

In his statement, the friend said they fell asleep soon after, with Mr Hawkes on the sofa, and when he woke at 8am he was unable to rouse his friend.

He alerted a female neighbour before retrieving a nearby defibrillator from the Norman Centre, while she called 999 and began CPR.

On arrival, paramedics pronounced Mr Hawkes dead on March 16 at 9.09am.

The court heard how Mr Hawkes and his partner of 13 years, of whom he had a child with, ended their relationship towards the end of 2021 and had struggled.

He had previously been offered a referral for alcoholism but denied he was a dependent.

Recording a short-form conclusion, assistant coroner Christopher Leach, said Mr Hawkes died from a drug and alcohol related death.

Ms Hawkes added: “We called him ‘Wayne the pain’ because he was a pain, but he was our pain and he should still be with us now.”