Let me ask you a question – can you imagine a world without music?

I definitely could not.

Whether you are into classical symphonies by Beethoven and Britten, rock and roll anthems by Led Zeppelin and Iron Maiden or glam heavy weights such as David Bowie and Marc Bolan and Roxy Music, music can shape your mood and help you if you feel anxious or upset.

And the power of music was on show last week after the death of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

Whether it was the procession of the coffin to Buckingham Palace and Westminster Hall, the funeral service for the monarch in Westminster Abbey and the journey of the coffin through London and up the Long Walk in Windsor – the music played throughout was pivotal.

It was clear the historic occasion had been planned out for many years because every note was played with military precision from the talented musicians and soldiers.

The mix of sombre and uplifting tunes and created an emotional and reflective atmosphere for the thousands who lined the streets of London and Windsor.

I watched the funeral at home and I could sense how important the services were.

It was definitely the music from the various bands and choirs that made the ceremonies more poignant for me.

I was surprised at how upset I felt while watching the funeral but the moment that stuck with me was when the lone bagpiper played in the corridor while Her Majesty’s coffin was lowered into the royal vault in St George’s Chapel.

The simple act of him slowly walking away was powerful and moving and it is something I will never forget.