Frustrated homeowners can raise concerns over parking problems believed to be from parents dropping off and picking up children from a city nursery.

A meeting on Friday, September 30 has been called by Julie Brociek-Coulton, Labour city and county councillor for Norwich's Sewell ward, after receiving complaints from people living in St Clements Hill.

Norwich Evening News: St Clements Hill in Norwich outside the Chestnut Nursery School where people have reported parking issuesSt Clements Hill in Norwich outside the Chestnut Nursery School where people have reported parking issues (Image: Google)

She said: "I have had complaints from people living near Sewell Park Academy since the old sixth form block was turned into the Chestnut Nursery School.

"People dropping and picking their children up from the nursery seem to abandon their cars and park in front of people's driveways.

"The parking has been horrendous for people who live opposite.

"The situation has been okay for many years when hundreds of children have been attending Sewell Park Academy.

"If you have got someone parking opposite you and you have cars parked either side of your driveway and you swing round, that is impossible.

"There is no problem with the school and the problem seems to have occurred when the nursery came."

The councillor understood the need for parents to drive to nursery schools but added: "It is a way of life. I have four children and you have to use your car sometimes but you have to be sensible when you park and think of people who have got to live there.

"We want to see what can be done there and have to work together to make the situation better. It is about making the area safe."

Mrs Brociek-Coulton will meet in St Clements Hill near the Chestnut Nursery School entrance at 10am with David Day, the headteacher of Sewell Park Academy, as well as police officers, highways officers and any people living in the area can turn up.

She is contacting the nursery, which opened in 2019, regarding the concerns and meeting.

A spokeswoman for Sewell Park Academy said Mr Day was going as a supportive neighbour of the community adding: "It is our belief a lot of the issue is to do with the nursery. Hopefully something can be resolved."

Chestnut Nursery Schools, which has sites across the country, declined to comment.

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