Hot off the back of a performance at C2C Festival, the UK's largest annual country music festival held at the O2 Arena in London, Sarah Darling returned to Norwich to treat country music fans to a night of top class music.

First onto the stage was locally born singer and songwriter Lisa Redford.

With dobro player Noel by her side, she opened up the evening with a great array of original songs which she has written over her substantial career as a musician.

It was easy to be drawn in by her elegant and classy deliverance, even without having previously had the chance to hear any of her music.

There's nothing like going to a show and coming across such a great local talent.

Second to take to the stage, all the way from Italy, was Kiol, a singer/songwriter who by the age of 20 had already written more than 40 songs.

Without any introduction he dived straight into his set with a voice that was surprisingly powerful.

His pronunciation of certain words was oddly charming, and only seemed to add to the overall performance.

Kiol, along with his guitarist, played lots of original music ranging from songs about his friends and family to songs about his generation, even managing to fit in a cover of a beautiful Italian track.

With a set packed with pop, folk and bluesy melodies and rhythms, it was an absolute treat to see him perform and definitely made for a great evening.

As both support acts filtered back into the crowd, fans eagerly awaited Sarah Darling's arrival on stage. It wasn't long before the interval music dipped and the band arrived on stage cracking straight on into their opening track.

Met with cheers, Sarah walked out smiling and waving at the audience ready to deliver what was to be a phenomenal set.

She performed a fantastic selection of songs off her latest album 'Dream Country' whilst also treating us to songs like 'Diamonds' and 'Shimmer' - some brand new tracks of her forthcoming album which she hopes to be released around October time.

Explaining the story behind every song really helped to make a strong bond with the crowd, allowing people to feel emotionally connected to both her songs and personal experiences.

A prime example of this was when she performed 'The Boy Never Stays' - a deeply personal song about heartbreak that she co-wrote with Brandi Clarke.

It's impossible to not enjoy an artist who is so relatable and able to convey situations that almost everyone in the crowd is going through or has been through at some point in their life.

Not only that, but her songs have the ability to transport you to another time and place, so much so that if you shut your eyes you could easily feel that you were right there in the heart of her songs.

Her four-piece band did not go unnoticed either, all equally as deserving of the stage. Comprised of Ash Cutler (keys and acoustic guitar), Dean Roberts (guitar), Chris Allan (drums) and Ally McLachlan (bass), they delivered a solid performance, all very talented in their own right.

In classic gig fashion, after leaving the stage at the end of her set, Sarah once again returned with a two song encore which left the audience in rapturous applause when the show really did end.

With an angelic, warming and pure voice, it's hardly surprising that she has reached over half a million downloads worldwide and landed two #1 videos.

What's astonishing is that she isn't already headlining much larger venues, but the future is definitely bright for Sarah Darling.

If you ever get the chance to catch her live then you absolutely should because it will be worth every penny.