Looking for a healthier way to enjoy eating out? A new Norwich business is here to help.


A plant-based cafe, restaurant and bar is set to open in Norwich over the weekend of May 26-27

Located at 22 Tombland, Erpingham House is a new venture by 28-year-old entrepreneur Loui Blake.

The business, which is spread out over three floors, will feature a deli/cafe serving breakfast, teas, coffees, superfood juices and lunches, as well as a restaurant which transitions into a bar in the evening, with a focus on cocktails.

Originally from Norwich, Mr Blake spent the last five years living in London, but moved back to Nelson's County earlier this year.


The idea for Erpingham House came to him after he switched to a plant-based diet himself and struggled to find foods that were 'equally enjoyable and nutritious'.

He said: 'The menu is entirely free-from animal products and mostly gluten-free. It offers a healthier, more conscious way to eat and drink out.'

He added: 'Seeing the building and knowing its history, I wanted to restore it in a way that breathed new life into it and offer something new to the city.'

The building has previously been home to The Aquarium, Shine and Kitchen and Bar at Erpingham House.