From BrewDog to beard, Norwich has been ranked one of the most hipster cities in the UK according to Google searches.

Norwich Evening News: Avocado. Picture: Getty ImagesAvocado. Picture: Getty Images (Image: Archant)

Search data shows that the city was at the number four spot in the entire country for classic 'hipster' words.

The data was compiled using Google Trends which enables you to see how many people look-up certain keywords.

The analysis by Edinburgh Live examined cities across the UK and included the terms 'veganism', 'craft beer', 'vintage', 'avocado', 'Instant Camera' and 'podcast'.

It also used the volume of searches for pub chain 'BrewDog' which has a branch in Queen Street, Norwich.

Norwich Evening News: Brewdog Norwich Photo : Steve AdamsBrewdog Norwich Photo : Steve Adams (Image: Copyright Archant Norfolk 2016)

Each city was then given a rank based on how much search traffic there was for each term which was combined to 'hipster index'.

The most hipster city in the UK was named as Brighton, second was nearby Hove, followed by Bristol and then Norwich.

The data comes after Norwich was ranked the 97th most hipster city in the world in the 2018 Global Hipster Index by MoveHub.

The top 20 hipster towns and cities in the UK according to Google searches

1. Brighton

2. Hove

3. Bristol

4. Norwich

5. Edinburgh

6. Cardiff

7. Sheffield

8. Newcastle upon Tyne

9. York

10. Southend-on-Sea

11. Portsmouth

12 London (joint)

12 Leeds (joint)

14. Cambridge

15. Oxford

16. Bournemouth

17. Salford

18. Poole

19. Manchester

20. Stretford

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