A Norwich supermarket has submitted an application to install a new number plate recognition camera in its carpark.

Waitrose Ltd has sought permission from Norwich City Council to install a new ANPR Camera in the carpark of its Church lane store in Eaton.

If approved the new camera will be fitted to an existing lamp post, will be 4.5m off the ground and will be protected by an anti-climb guard.

It will record the number plates of cars leaving and entering the carpark via the Church lane entrance and will be managed by Britannia Parking.

To view the full planning application visit the Norwich City Council planning portal.

A spokesperson for Waitrose & Partners said: 'We are not making any changes at this time, however we have submitted a planning application for an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system to understand if this might be an option in the future to help us improve how we manage the car park.'