A Norwich duo have overcome the challenges of the pandemic to shoot and film a series of ghost stories, which are now available to enjoy - if you dare.

David J Stebbeds, 27, and Andrew Jarvis, 30, co-own A&D Film Productions, but were forced to change everything they had been planning for their ghostly Norfolk-based series when the pandemic hit.

However, the Norwich duo have finally managed to get their series, titled Ghost Chasers, UK, completed and it is available to watch on YouTube.

Each episode is only a couple of minutes long so no reason not to devour the entire series.

Norwich Evening News: David and Andrew on set.David and Andrew on set. (Image: Chloe Winder)

It marks the end of a stressful couple of years for the pair, as the idea was first penned in 2019, with a plan to begin the main filming in 2020.

Mr Stebbeds said: “The original pilot episode was scrapped and re-written to make it COVID safe. Smaller cast, local filming in open spaces.

Norwich Evening News: Poppy Wade as WillowPoppy Wade as Willow (Image: David J Stebbeds)

“When it came to the filming day, everyone knew exactly what was going on. When filming, we all remained at a distance from each other to keep safe."

Mr Stebbeds said the debut film, ‘Ghostly Pandemic’, has gained good traction since being released, receiving thousands of views. So far five stories have been written and a sixth being worked on.

Norwich Evening News: David and Andrew on setDavid and Andrew on set (Image: Chloe Winder)

He added: “Story five ‘Chapel Ghost’ has been awarded a few laurels and a festival selection within the Lift-off Global Network Film Festival, based within Pinewood Studios.

“We’re proud of how far we’ve come. The final episode takes place in mostly outside locations, though all cast feel safer and have had their COVID injections.

Norwich Evening News: David and Andrew on setDavid and Andrew on set (Image: Chloe Winder)

“All episodes are available to view on YouTube by searching for Ghost Chasers, UK.”

Lucy Short from Norwich, a vocalist who was out of work due to the pandemic, felt very fortunate to be involved with the series.

Norwich Evening News: Lucy Short, playing an extra role in GHOST IN PLANE SIGHT.Lucy Short, playing an extra role in GHOST IN PLANE SIGHT. (Image: David J Stebbeds)

She felt filming during the time when strict social distancing guidelines were in place was “challenging”, however the cast were well supported and made to feel safe.

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