A heart-broken mum has paid tribute to her "little fighter" after the beloved daughter she was told would not live for even 24 hours died aged 18.

Kaychanel Willson finally lost her battle with a rare condition that impacted her heart, kidney, oesophagus and bladder.

But today her proud mum has spoken of "18 amazing years".

Kaychanel was diagnosed with VACTERYL syndrome at birth and doctors feared she would not survive.

But that brave little girl managed to live long enough reach her teenage years and tick numerous goals off her bucket list including a trip to Disneyland - she even attended her school prom.

Holding back the tears, but smiling at the memory of her "little angel", the West Earlham mum said: “We didn’t think we would have one day with our little lady and we’ve just had 18 amazing years.

“She would fight and battle anything as long as she had me there holding her hand - she was born a fighter.

“There have been times where she has been gravely ill but she’s always fought back - she beat the odds every time.

“It would take a whole team of doctors and nurses to take her outside. She wanted to stand up and walk on the grass and our hospital has been incredible in supporting her.

“The compassion they showed for my little girl was unbelievable.

“She was truly one in a million the way she graced through life was inspiring.”

Dad, Billy Goreham added: “No matter how poorly she got, she was nice and she was kind to everyone."

Louise described Kaychanel 's fighting spirit and how she wanted her mum to let her take risks but added: “I just wanted to wrap her up in cotton wool - she was my baby.”

Billy added: “I convinced Louise to let her have a bit of freedom and I taught Kaychanel that she isn’t made of glass.

“She was feisty, she would soon tell you if you’d upset her.”

Louise said: “She really did bloom, I take comfort in the memories of her and I’m so proud that she reached the milestone of 18 - she will have a lasting legacy.

“She touched so many people. She loved babies and dogs and where she will be buried is the first adult plot next to the babies, so she gets to be with the babies now.

“I had her the month after my sixteenth birthday, so my whole life has been dedicated to her, I wanted her to have the best care and the best life.

“I just needed to put my all into her."

Even when she was in hospital Kaychanel was a character ordering takeaways to the ward to the amusement of the nursing staff.

Her mum added: “The doctors were going to try to take get to Junkyard Market. She really wanted us all to go together - she was willing to try anything, we love our food.

“She wanted us to go so we will go as a family to commemorate her.

“When she was in hospital this time she was ordering her own food - she was ordering Chinese and fish and chips to her ward.”

Billy said: “She was getting the nurses to go out and get it. But I told her she could get it right to the ward so delivery drivers were dropping her food at the reception.”

Louise believes she will always have an unbreakable bond with Kaychanel.

“There was never a problem with her heart. I think that’s because we shared the same heart we have such an amazing and pure bond.

“My wish is for her story to give other parents hope.

“Kaychanel had a problem with almost every part of her body. It just goes to show that they don’t always get it right - you as a parent need to stand strong with your child.

“I’ve started going to church and I am hoping to hear her come through. She was proof that miracles can happen.

“We are able to stay strong because of all the amazing memories we’ve been able to make.

“I just want to thank her for being my daughter."

Kaychanel’s funeral will take place at Colney Wood on 27 October at 3pm and the wake will take place at the Fiveways pub.