Bonfire Night creates spectacular fireworks displays that are enjoyed by many across the country.

However, it is important to be aware of the rules surrounding the annual celebration to ensure the safety of people and animals.

Norfolk County Council has listed 15 tips to stay safe and have an enjoyable evening.

Safety Tips

1. Only buy fireworks with a CE mark.

2. Only buy from a reputable retailer, not from car boot sales, markets or the side of the road.

3. Make sure that any selection boxes are sealed when you buy them.

4. Check all fireworks are not damaged or damp.

5. Don't drink alcohol if setting off fireworks.

6. Keep fireworks in a closed box.

7. Follow the instructions on each firework carefully.

8. Light them at arm's length using a suitable taper.

9. Stand well back.

10. Never go back to a lit firework.

11. Never throw fireworks.

12. Always supervise children around fireworks.

13. Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.

14. Never give sparklers to children under five.

15. Keep pets indoors.

Who can buy fireworks?

No one under the age of 18 is allowed to purchase adult fireworks and if you purchase or use fireworks illegally, you could be liable for a £90 on-the-spot fine and a six month prison sentence, according to the law.

When can you buy fireworks?

According to the law, you can only purchase fireworks from registered sellers for private use between the following dates:

  • October 15 - November 10.
  • December 26 - December 31.
  • Three days before Diwali and Chinese New Year.

When can you let off fireworks?

The law states that it is illegal to set off fireworks in the street or another public space. You must not set off fireworks between 11pm and 7am unless it is Bonfire Night, when the cut-off point is extended to midnight or New Years Eve when the cut-off point is 1am.

What fireworks should you buy?

You should always buy fireworks that have a CE mark to ensure they are safe to use and only buy fireworks up to Category 3.

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