A tool firm worker says his life is no longer in limbo after he was finally granted a driving licence by the DVLA.

Jason Couchman, 51 and of Caister, had complained about what he called the unacceptable wait to get permission from the DVLA to drive vehicles up to three and a half tonnes.

Due to an eye condition, Mr Couchman, who works for Norwich-based Curtis Holt, had needed a eye test approved by the DVLA - a process that stretched back to March and which left him fearing for his future employment.

The DVLA says driver safety is at the heart of all application decisions and it aims to process forms as quickly as possible.

After enlisting the aid of Great Yarmouth MP Brandon Lewis, Mr Couchman, of Wight Drive, has now been told his licence has been approved.

He said: "I have had some fantastic news from Brandon Lewis. The DVLA have renewed my licence.

"This is a massive weight off my shoulders.

"I can finally make plans and not be living in limbo."

After contacting the office of his MP, Mr Couchman was told that Mr Lewis would be raising the issue with the Swansea-based DVLA.

Mr Lewis' office then informed him of the good news.

A statement from Mr Lewis said: "I am aware of this case and although I do not comment in detail on specific cases, I am pleased that the matter has been resolved.

"I would urge residents to contact me if they have any concerns regarding the DVLA, or any other matter.”

Due to having optic neuritis in his left eye Mr Couchman has to apply every three years for a licence to drive vehicles up to three and a half tonnes.

He had started his application for a licence renewal in March and had failed an eye test with DVLA sanctioned tester Specsavers before retaking another one at the end of last month.

A spokesman for the DVLA said medical licence applications can take longer than normal to process and it aimed to make a decision as quickly as it can.

The spokesman added that driver safety was at the heart of the review process.

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