Teddy the “friendly” boxer and Reuben the “bouncy” lurcher are among the new arrivals hoping to find their forever homes at Dogs Trust in Norfolk.

Could you give these dogs a second chance at life?

Here are eight pooches currently at the rehoming centre in Snetterton.

Dexter, terrier cross, one to two years, male

Dogs Trust said: “Dexter is a lovely young boy with plenty of love to give.

“He has lots of energy and will need a family that can keep him active and spend the time helping him channel this into training, play and exercise.

“Dexter's favourite thing is to play with a tennis ball and he would love an enclosed garden where he can chase and fetch.

“He could join a home with another dog, providing they can tolerate his energy levels.

“Dexter is still young and is looking for the right home to help him navigate the world and teach him good habits as he grows up.

Milo, Shih Tzu, eight and over, male

“Milo is a really lovely boy. He loves nothing more than a soft toy to play with and somewhere to curl up and relax once he has finished playing.

“He is happy with short walks and loves to sniff and explore new smells he can find along the way.

“Due to a medical condition, Milo doesn't have very good eyesight and this can mean he is easily spooked by loud noises and sudden movements - although he does not let not seeing very well hold him back.

“He is a very independent little dog but once he gets to know you, he will love a fuss and someone to play with.

Reuben, lurcher, two to five years, male

“Reuben is a friendly, bouncy chap who would make a fun companion. He loves walks and playing with toys, especially the squeaky kind.

“Reuben enjoys canine company and could live with another dog but he can be very full on so would need a tolerant friend to play with.

“He will need access to secure garden and a home that can give him plenty of exercise and positive reward-based training.

“Reuben does not like being left alone so leaving hours would need to be built up very gradually once he has settled.

Rosco, border collie, two to five years, female

“Rosco is a very sweet girl with bundles of energy. She is looking for adopters with experience of collies or similar high energy breeds.

“She can be quite worried so would like her adopters to help her settle in at her own pace and would love a quiet space of her own to rest in if she needs to.

“Once she gets to know you, she will wander over and loves to lean in for some fuss and a tasty treat.

“Rosco is a very clever girl. She thrives when training and would enjoy some agility training to keep her active.

“Her perfect home would be in a rural area. She is under-socialised with other dogs and would need to be the only pet in the home, with no neighbouring dogs.

Shelby, German Shepherd (GSD/Alsatian), five to seven years, female

“Shelby is a lovely girl who enjoys attention from people she knows.

“She likes dogs of a similar size and would enjoy some doggy friends to walk with once she has settled into her new home.

“Shelby will need to be the only pet in the home.

“Shelby can live with children aged ten years or older but she would prefer a home in a quieter location with access to walks away from busy places.

Teddy B, boxer, eight and over, male

“Teddy is a friendly boy who loves to say hello and have fuss from everyone he meets. He would love a home where he can snuggle up on the sofa next to you and keep cosy of an evening.

“Teddy still enjoys his walks and loves any opportunity to play and explore. He would love an enclosed garden to burn some energy of in and then unwind in afterwards.

“He could live with children aged eight and older who are confident around big, bouncy dogs. But he can't live with cats and may chase wildlife so his garden will need be secure.

Bailey and Poppy, Jack Russells, eight and over, females

“Bailey would like a home with her best friend Poppy. The pair have a close bond and would like to find a forever home together.

“Bailey is a happy little girl with lots of energy. She would like a home that will keep her and mentally and physically stimulated.

“Poppy is a little live wire who can be bouncy and full of beans, she has not had much training but would love to learn new things.

“The duo would like a calm and patient home to settle into with access to interesting walks away from busy places.”

For more information about the dogs or to look into adopting visit Dog Trust's website.