Nearly 200 people in the past three days have enquired about buying a nuclear bunker in the Norfolk countryside.

The bunker, which is located in Brundall, is listed for £25,000 and has currently had 21 different bidders.

But Russ McLean, owner of Unique Property Bulletin, a website which helps sells interesting properties, said he believes the surge is down to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

He said: "People are very worried and scared.

"I don't like seeing people in distress. Normally you can fix things, but this is not an easy fix."

Mr Mclean said the interest in bunkers had rocketed in 2022.

Mr McLean added: "Last year, we had about 20 enquiries in the whole year.

"People are scared and just want to protect their families."

The compound comprises of a low fenced plot of around 700m2 and is accessible via a 200 metre farm track from the main road.

Apart from a farmhouse 300 metres away, the nearest habitation is approximately one kilometre away from the bunker.