Each week, I speak to an East Anglian making an impact on the arts in our county. This week, artist Tor Falcon.

1. How would you best describe your role within the arts community?

I’m just one of many artists working in Norfolk. Through observational drawing and writing I try to look at landscape in some depth.

My last project was about the rivers of Norfolk. I spent four years following all of Norfolk’s rivers from source to mouth - a sort of eye-witness account of Norfolk’s rivers between 2016-2019.

I published a book and, supported by East Anglia Art Fund, I had an exhibition of drawings at The Castle Museum.

2. What do you love so much about the Norwich art scene?

I love Norwich because it is friendly.

Everyone seems to genuinely enjoy making art, singing, performing, writing or whatever. Everyone is supportive of each other and there’s none of that too-cool-for-school stuff.

There’s some very exciting stuff happening in Great Yarmouth at the moment. The new Yare Gallery and the Finding Emmerson Photo Festival amongst other brilliant things.

3. How did you get where you are in your career?

I’m not sure... I think I’ve been lucky that other people find my subject matter as interesting as me!

4. What advice would you give to aspiring creatives?

Stick to your guns. Make your work honest and embrace mistakes.

5. What does an average weekday look like for you?

I try and be outside drawing as much as possible. I save writing for rainy days, or blisteringly hot days, when I can’t be outside.

Since my children grew up and moved out I’ve given up on all pretence of domesticity, it frees up so much time.

6. Where is your favourite spot in Norwich?

The city centre shops. The Fairhurst Gallery tends to be the focal point of my trips into Norwich. Tom and Sophie have been framing my work for years and it’s a rare outing that doesn’t involve seeing them. Happily they are almost next door to the marvellous Bookhive.

Then as I dash back to my car before I get a parking ticket I’ll always try and buy some delicious food from the market.

7. Can you name one East Anglian creative whose work you admire?

I’ve recently got to know the environmental artist, Liz McGowen. I really admire the strength in her
light touch.

8. What’s the best exhibition you have been to in East Anglia recently?

I’m not sure how recent it was but Bruer Tidman’s exhibition in Great Yarmouth Library would be hard to beat.

The show was a mixture of his mothers beautiful flower paintings, alongside his lifetime of portraits of her, including some exceptionally powerful ones of her on her death bed. It was a staggering good exhibition.

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