A Norwich man died at a friend's home after leaving a party, an inquest has heard.

Sarunas Dalgedaitis, of Bertie Road, was found dead in the living room of Tristain Jones’s flat at nearby Pelham Road on May 23, 2021.

A friend of Mr Dalgedaitis for six years, Mr Jones said he had last spoken with him at 4am before going to bed. When he tried to wake him at 7.30am the same morning, he was unable to.

Mr Dalgedaitis, who worked as a dispatch operative, was confirmed dead by paramedics shortly after.

Speaking at the inquest held at the coroner’s court at County Hall on March 29, 2022, assistant coroner Samantha Gower read a statement from Allison MacNab, a GP based at Woodcock Road Surgery.

Dr MacNab confirmed that the 39-year-old had a long history of substance misuse but had received previous support from Norfolk Recovery Partnership from 2011 before being discharged in June 2017.

His family, based in Lithuania, were unable to attend the inquest.

In a statement read out in court, his brother, Thomas Dalgedaitis, said: “We knew Sarunas used to take drugs in the past and had alcohol problems. Before he died, we believed he did not use them for a long time.

“His mood had been good lately. He started taking sports seriously and started going long distances by bike and was very eager to quit all that evil.

“His friends said he had recently teamed up [to play football] with a few English men and he was using drugs with them.

“We heard from friends on the fateful evening of his death, that during a friend’s birthday he sat alone and sad, corresponded with someone on the phone, stood up, and left without saying anything.

“The only thing we’ve heard of since then is that he died.

“We feel no one else was to blame for what happened.”

Ms Gowen added: “A toxicology and post mortem report confirmed the presence of alcohol and heroine at a level which in isolation were unlikely to cause death but together could cause sufficient respiratory depression to cause death.”

She recorded a conclusion of alcohol and drug-related death.

Mr Dalgedaitis was born on July 13, 1981, in Lithuania.