The biggest jump in domestic energy bills in living memory has come into effect with bills set to skyrocket due to an increase in the price cap.

This will see average increases in fuel bills of around £693 - or 54 per cent - from £1,277 to £1,971 per year hitting households hard, especially those on low incomes and the elderly.

However, higher energy prices are not the only way we are all set to feel the pinch.

From April 6, many of us will also see a 1.25 per cent increase in National Insurance contributions, while every time we go to the supermarket, it seems we are paying even more for basic items of food.

The cost of groceries is now 5.2pc higher than it was a year ago, with inflation in the past four weeks hitting its highest level in nearly a decade.

Petrol prices have also surged following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Despite fuel duty being cut by 5p per litre last week, petrol is at nearly £1.67 a litre and diesel at £1.79, both record highs for the UK.

It will leave all of us facing some stark choices in the coming weeks and months.

To help us build up a picture of how it is affecting Norfolk families we'd like to hear how the cost of living crisis is impacting you and what are your thoughts and concerns.

Are you struggling, have you had to cut back on some items, if so what. Have you used a foodbank?

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