John Travolta has enjoyed an evening in Dereham's Wetherspoon pub, while on his visit to Norfolk.

The movie megastar, who is understood to be filming in the county, was spotted at the Romany Rye in the town's Church Street around 10.45pm on Thursday evening (March 31) by staff and other pubgoers, including 20-year-old Jamie Salter.

It came two days before Travolta made an impromptu grocery shopping trip to Fakenham's Morrisons supermarket, where he greeted and chatted to customers and employees.

Mr Salter, from Beeston, described shaking hands with one of the most famous men in Hollywood as "a surreal experience".

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Mr Salter said: "We were sat at another table at the Wetherspoons and a couple of staff members pointed him out. We didn't believe them, but I walked past and got a glimpse of him.

"I went over and said 'excuse me, sorry for disturbing your evening, I've just got a question: Is it John?'

"I asked him what he was doing here because you wouldn't expect to see John Travolta in Dereham. They told me he was there for a week and filming at an old airstrip. They said they were filming a Christmas movie."

Mr Salter said Travolta was there with two other men - just as he was the following day at Morrisons - who may have been his bodyguards.

He said it look like the group had eaten burgers, and there was some evidence of a pizza on the table.

Mr Salter, who is studying law at university and also works a a receptionist at the Ivy Court care home in Earlham, said: "I didn't want to bother him too much so I said 'enjoy your meal' and then left, and as I did the two staff members who pointed him out went and got a photo with him.

"But I don't think many other people would have gone up to him because he was right in the corner and no-one else had clocked that he was there."

Travolta is believed to be filming at the Raynham Hangar Studios in West Raynham, but details about the festive project he is working on are scarce.

Last year Travolta filmed an action movie called Paradise City, but it is believed that is now in post-production and it is unclear what his current project is.