A decommissioned fire engine could soon be trundling the roads of Norfolk again after it was snapped up by a construction firm.

Phill Clark, 56, bought the 2004 emergency vehicle on a whim in 2021 in a Welsh auction.

The haulage boss, whose business is based in Besthorpe, put the Volvo Saxon engine on Facebook Marketplace after he could not dedicate time to transform it into a drinks and events vehicle.

After attracting a lot of interest online it will be bought by the owner of Besthorpe-based Newall Construction for £8,000 to be used by his family and for promotional events for the business.

Mr Clark said: "I'm happy it is being used rather than standing in my yard. I'd rather someone has some enjoyment from it.

"It is like a Picasso painting which is nice to look at but just sits there. I think I will lay off auction sites for a minute."