A police officer from Norfolk on the run as part of a hit Channel 4 programme narrowly avoided capture in Gorleston in last night's episode.

Sarah Kibble, who lives in the town, is appearing on Hunted in the hope of outwitting the hunters and winning £100,000.

The programme sees a group of contestants aim to avoid being caught by some of the world's most skilled intelligence agencies as they discover the challenges of living life as a fugitive.

And Ms Kibble, a former military police officer who now works for Suffolk Constabulary, had a near-miss in the latest episode of the show when she returned home to Norfolk to visit her family before her son played football at The Nest near Norwich.

After hunters discovered the match was taking place and that Ms Kibble may be in the area, they decided to switch their focus to her hometown of Gorleston in an attempt to get ahead of her next movements.

Having noticed suspicious activity on her close friend's car, hunters travelled to Mariner's Close in Gorleston in anticipation of her arrival.

But hunters quickly discovered the duo had tricked them after a neighbour revealed they had used a decoy car for the meet - allowing her friend to provide Ms Kibble with a bag of essentials before she escaped from the area.

The 35-year-old mother-of-two said she had been urged to go on the show by her 10-year-old son Tyler.

She said: "I've watched all the series and loved the programme and always thought it would be amazing to do, but it was when my 10-year-old watched a couple of episodes and said to me, 'mum, you'd be great at this, you should apply'.

"When I saw applications I thought, yeah, why not? Let's do it and I did."

Before the show started, she said that she planned to use the general public's help in avoiding being caught.

Ms Kibble added: "I just plan on moving very quickly, never getting too comfortable using the help of the lovely general public.

"Hopefully I'll be approachable and friendly in nature like I normally am, and they'll be willing to help me and then just use my knowledge within the place to try and not mess up to give anything away to the hunters."

The next episode of Hunted will air tonight (May 30) at 9pm.