A baffled business owner was left with his head spinning after a set of twins both enquired about buying identical campervans - without having spoken to each other.

James Hodds, 39, converts, sells and rents campervans at Waveney Campers in Blofield alongside his wife Zeena.

He had a call from a man named Brian Cressey and his wife Tracey from Hull back in January.

The pair enquired about a Ford Landseer campervan - worth £55k - and showed up one Sunday to buy it.

"The next day, I had a phone call from a guy in the Lake District also asking about a Ford Landseer campervan.

"I was confused when he arrived as I thought it was Brian but in fact it was his twin brother David and his wife Helena.

"It was like having déjà vu."

He explained: "Turns out the men are identical twins and neither of them knew that the other was going to buy a camper - let alone from us.

"They both spoke of how they weren't local and how it was a bit of a drive to see us.

"It was all a bit weird."

James added that it took a while for the penny to drop and properly register what had happened.

"They say about twins having this telepathic connection," he said.

And this is not James' first run-in with twins.

"The nearest thing I've had to this is a woman coming with her twin sister to look at a campervan, who then bought it," he added.

"The sister then came back and bought another one that she liked the look of.

"But they came together. This experience with Brian and David was very odd."

Brian, David and their wives will come back down to the Norwich area in the next few weeks to pick up their vans from James and Zeena.

"They bought exactly the same van, just in different colours.

"Brian's got a blue one and David's got an orange one.

"They're staying here on a campsite and then we're going to go out to dinner. All this has started a friendship," James added.