A popular city artist has said working on his latest piece for Queen Elizabeth II had him "tearing up".

Ricky Minns, known as Ruddy Muddy, garnered a following for sketching a number of famous faces on to his van in mud.

And none are more frequently depicted than Her Majesty, who Ruddy said: "Has been on my van more than anyone else."

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But the 47-year-old's latest piece of the monarch had a more sombre tone.

Ruddy, from Wymondham, said: "I was in the car with my daughter when the news broke.

"I got really emotional.

"It wasn't a surprise really - but I was still shocked.

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"It sounds silly but you felt like she'd be around forever.

"She was such a constant in our lives and always seemed to calm things down with her opinions and ideas.

"To hear she had died was really sad - she was so special."

After hearing the news Ruddy set to work on creating a tribute as soon as possible.

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The professional artist added: "I wanted to get a piece done that night but it got too dark.

"Doing it the next day I got really emotional just sketching the picture.

"It's also the piece that I've beaten myself up about the most.

"I've had other work not be quite right but you can make up for it.

%image(15413410, type="article-full", alt="Ruddy Muddy with another portrait of the Queen on his van in May 2022")

"With this one I didn't think it was as good as it could have been.

"I was just more critical than usual considering what had happened."

However the public were less critical - heaping praise on the dad-of-three's latest and most heartfelt tribute.

"I've been blown away by the reception it's received," said Ruddy.

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"I even got emotional reading some of the comments.

"I had a lot of people thanking me which was the nicest thing - it means a lot.

"I'd like to think this piece is for anyone who wanted some sort of outlet to pay tribute to the Queen but didn't know how.

"This is as much for them as it is the Queen.

"I hope this has helped in some way deal with the loss of special woman," he added.