Somewhere out there my little blue Ford Fiesta will be trundling its way to a new home.

It’s served me well.

I’ve been safely delivered around the country and often arrived in a great mood courtesy of the motorway discos I enjoy.

But frankly the safety net of having my own car on the drive isn’t enough anymore.

My boyfriend and I made the decision to go down to one car recently.

And - with the exception of having more money in my account - I’ve barely noticed.

The insurance is cheaper, we only need to pay for one lot of road tax and we save on fuel because instead of running two cars around town, it pushes us out the door to walk.

The choice was easy for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, common sense. With the exception of work we go pretty much everywhere together, there’s no point having a set of redundant wheels.

Secondly, it’s economical.

Why have two tanks of overpriced fuel sitting largely unused for a week when you can have one?

And lastly we wanted to put our money where our mouth is and make a change that’s better for the environment. (I know, I’m polishing my halo.)

Now I know this won’t work for everyone.

For example people with kids have to hare around town with school runs and activities, all while trying to balance work - and the rest.

But there will also be those in Norwich who do own a car because they don’t want to change their lifestyle .

Having a car means independence and freedom.

But going down to one vehicle doesn’t necessarily mean losing that and inevitably compromising.

Sometimes it’s a case of giving it a go and seeing if the positives outweigh the preconceptions.

In my experience moving to one motor has been a pretty painless win.