The summer holiday has landed.

And while the six-week break is greatly appreciated by children across the UK, it can cause stress and anxiety for families.

If both parents are working and they are not lucky enough to work in term time hours there is the fun of sorting out childcare for part of the long break.

The reality is that parents cannot get the whole of the summer off and the only option for many is holiday clubs, if they do not live near family.

I am in that boat and we are using an all-day holiday camp in the city for some of the time which I’m sure my son will love because it includes football, archery, swimming and lots more.

But these clubs do not come cheap so I was on a mission to find inexpensive and cheap activities to do with my six-year-old and three-year-old this week.

The cost of living issue, with rising bills and fuel, was also a factor in my search.

That is why I was thrilled to find lots of free interactive sessions put on by the Norfolk County Council library service.

This week my son did a Lego stop motion film-making session and workshop in making paper robots and other objects.

He is booked onto another workshop where he will make a Lego marble run.

Luckily there seem to be quite a few craft and music-based activities around that are free or very cheap to keep little ones entertained.

The GoGoDiscover T-Rex trail is also a godsend because it keeps youngsters occupied for hours and tires them out.

It is vital these inexpensive activities are made available because some admission prices to attractions are an eye-watering amount.

But there is also nothing wrong with allowing children to become bored as that is when their imaginations can run wild.