Collection of more than 1,000 puzzles to go on sale

Gail Durbin, 74, started collecting puzzles around six weeks ago, and hopes to have collected 1,000 by the end of spring

Gail Durbin started collecting puzzles at the start of the year, and has amassed a collection of 1,130 jigsaws - Credit: Sonya Duncan

After collecting more than 1,000 puzzles, a Norwich woman is planning to sell every last one for charity.

In a little over a month, Gail Durbin, 75, of Unthank Road, has grown her collection from 302 to a staggering 1,130 puzzles.

"I am rather amazed that I have actually made it," Gail said. "A huge proportion of these jigsaws is due to the generosity of Evening News readers - thank you very much."

Gail will be selling the puzzles - new and used and of all sizes and difficulties - in aid of NR2 Community Skills Share at Chapel Field Methodist Church on April 22 and April 23.

"Our largest is a 5,000 piece pretty cottage that has never been opened and it will be interesting to discover who will rise to this challenge," she added.

Gail is still accepting puzzle donations. For more information, email