10 questions with... Opera singer Louise Winter

Opera singer Lousie Winters. Photo: Pennie Withers

Opera singer Lousie Winters. Photo: Pennie Withers - Credit: pennie withers

Each week we put a local resident in the hot seat and ask them 10 questions about themselves. This week we spoke with opera singer Louise Winter, set to perform as part of the Glyndebourne Tour at Norwich Theatre Royal from November 14-18.

• Describe Norwich in three words…

History, Cathedral, Textiles.

• If you were stranded on a deserted island with three people, who would you want them to be?

Olivia Colman - to drink with; Stephen Fry - for my brain and Delia Smith - to cook! All Norfolk locals.

• If you could be anyone else who would you be?

Dame Judi Dench: she is a great actress although I'd have to work on the words!

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• How would you spend a perfect weekend in Norwich?

Visit some of the city's great historical sites, a micro-brewery and Norwich Market/

• Would you rather spend a night in front of the TV or a night out in the city?

In the city please. A nice meal at one of Norwich's great restaurants, a visit to the theatre and then promenade the streets

• What's your mantra in life?

Proudly stand tall and stop looking over your shoulder worrying about what others think.

• Which song defines your life?

I have confidence in me sung by Julie Andrews, taken from The Sound of Music. The song that inspired me to want to communicate in song.

• What's your biggest fear?

Heights! Bungee jumping or the nightmare of going on stage and it's the wrong Opera.

• Which one thing could you never be without?

My pets, the dogs. Three terriers of mixed variety.

• What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would buy a wood, pay off my mortgage and create a music retreat.

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