10 questions with...Norwich The Voice star Bill Downs

Sprowston singer/songwriter Bill Downs performing. Photo: Bill Downs

Sprowston singer/songwriter Bill Downs performing. Photo: Bill Downs - Credit: Archant

Each week we put a Norfolk resident in the hot seat and ask them ten questions about themselves. This week we spoke with Sprowston singer Bill Downs who appeared on The BBC's hit show, The Voice, in 2012 and is now a full time musician performing at events across Europe.

• Describe Norwich in 3 words...

Beautiful, fun, diverse.

• If you were stranded with 3 people on a deserted island, who would you want them to be?

Jamie Oliver (he could cook), Lee Evans, because if I'm going to be stranded on a desert island it may as well be a funny experience and lastly Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics, as we could waste time making songs.

• If you could be any other person, who would it be?

Tough one but I'd have to say I wouldn't want to be anyone else, my life isn't perfect but I think originality is a rare trait to have these days.

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• How would you spend a perfect weekend in Norwich?

Well I'm usually gigging all weekend, every weekend, so when I do have a rare few days off it usually involves lots of time spent with my family, a trip to the coast and maybe a few drinks and watching live music with friends at the Doghouse on a Sunday night.

• What's your mantra in life?

A little cliche but 'life is what you make it'.

• Would you rather spend a night in front of the telly or a night out on the town?

Night out on the town every time! Norwich has some fantastic, quirky venues, and some amazing places to eat. You're never short of choice.

• Which song defines your life?

As a musician this is impossible for me to answer, I listen to so many different genres, artists and styles. I have a lot of different favourite albums and songs. But I could never pick just one.

• What's your biggest fear?

Loosing my voice, I've had some close scares when I've been ill and thought 'this is it, I'm in trouble now' but it's always come back. I never used to look after it when I was younger and I should have, but now it really worries me as its ended up being my job!

• Which one thing could you never be without?

My two daughters. They're my absolute world and make me smile without fail every day.

• What would you do if you won the lottery?

Open a live music venue in Norwich, to give other local artists the opportunity to play to a big audience, gain experience and be recognised for their talents. Norwich has a huge and thriving music scene one of the best in the country and it needs to be noticed. Also I've been into cars since I was young, it was probably my dads love for them that rubbed off on me, so I'd treat me and him to a few each.

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