10 questions with... Mustard TV’s Neil Perry

Mustard TV presenter, Neil Perry. Photo: supplied by Neil Perry

Mustard TV presenter, Neil Perry. Photo: supplied by Neil Perry - Credit: Archant

Each week we put a Norwich resident in the hot seat and ask them 10 questions about themselves. This week we spoke with Mustard TV's Neil Perry.

• Describe Norwich in three words…

Underrated, surprising and beautiful

• If you were stranded on a desert island with three people who would you want them to be?

It's an obvious one, but my wife Emma, and my children Joshua and Lucy.

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• If you could be anyone else who would you be?

I'm very happy being me, but it would be nice to be Sean Connery for the day. I'm something of a Bond nut you see.

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• How would you spend a perfect weekend in Norwich?

It would involve a nice beer garden at lunchtime, a trip to the Theatre Royal, and a night out with friends.

• What's your mantra in life?

It's all about the story. It is something of a cliché for a journalist, but whatever happens to you in life, there is a very good chance it will make a good story a few months of years down the line.

• Which song defines your life?

I'm not sure about defines my life, but my favourite of all time is Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. I saw them at the LCR in October and it was the best gig I've seen them do – and I have been to a fair few around the country!

• Would you rather spend a night in front of the telly or a night out in the city?

It depends on the company! As the long as the company is good I am very happy with either.

• What's your biggest fear?

People who think Africa is a country or say 'pacifically' instead of 'specifically'.

• What one thing could you never be without?

My family. They mean absolutely everything to me.

• What would you do if you won the lottery?

I caught my wife nonchalantly browsing a website for private islands the other day – so I have a fairly strong suspicion that the decision has already been made for me…

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