10 questions with... Figbar’s Jamie Garbutt

Jaime Garbutt from Figbar. Photo: Archant Library

Jaime Garbutt from Figbar. Photo: Archant Library - Credit: Archant

Each week we put a Norwich resident in the hot seat and ask them 10 questions about themselves. This week we spoke with Figbar co-owner and head chef, Jamie Garbutt.

• Describe Norwich in three words...

Beautiful, friendly, happy.

• If you were stranded on a desert island with three other people, who would you want them to be?

The obvious answer is my wife and two daughters. I am a firm believer that you are stronger

when you have those who matter to you around you supporting you. That said Chef Grant Achatz, Muddy Waters, and Pierre Koffmann would be really cool to hang with exclusively.

• If you could be anyone else, who would you be?

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Barack Obama. He is charisma personified.

• How would you spend a perfect weekend in Norwich?

The perfect weekend definitely starts with a bit of a lie in and homemade brunch with my wife Steph and our girls. Then, a family walk with our dog Figgy Pudding through Eaton Park (with maybe a cheeky cuppa while the girls play!). We'd probably putz around our garden in the afternoon as we've planted loads of veg and have a few fruit trees. Our older daughter adores gardening, so we are keen to support that. My parents live in Norwich, so I'd next drop the kids off with them and take my beautiful wife for dinner at Shiki followed by late night cocktails at

Bar Hawthorn. Sunday we have a traditional pancake breakfast ('traditional' depends on if it's me cooking or Steph, who is American) with the girls followed by a roast and drinks with our friends from @collectiviste at River Cafe's Sunday Pop Up at Mr. Postle's. An early evening animated film rounds it off!

• What's your mantra in life?

'Find a job you love, and you'll never work a day in your life.' You will work, and probably work harder, but it will be much more worth it.

• Which song defines your life?

Let It Go from Frozen. Our daughters are ages 3 and 1, sometimes it's all I listen to. That and I am the blues by Muddy Waters. It's the song we start and end most days at Figbar with.

• Would you rather spend a night in front of the telly or a night out in the city?

Nothing better than a family movie night in!

• What's your biggest fear?

I'm not so great with heights.

• What one thing could you never be without?

At work it's a spoon. I always have one in my back pocket. Also a whiteboard or, when I'm out and about, my Figbar Stonebook notepad.

I'm a scribbler, ask my team, I constantly need space to scribble down ideas.

• What would you do if you won the lottery?

I would take the entire family, parents, in-laws, siblings, the lot, on a massive holiday to a tropical island with no wifi or tv, then I'd come straight back to work doing what I love.

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