£1.5 million cycling grant needs to be accompanied by the right infrastructure

The Aviva Women's Tour cycling race in Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

The Aviva Women's Tour cycling race in Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

Norwich Cycling Campaign congratulates the county council on this £1.5m grant and we hope the proposals will encourage more people to cycle to school, work or for leisure.

More people making short journeys by cycle or by foot will mean less congestion and pollution around the county.

You don't have to dress up in lycra to ride a bike, but most people are nervous about getting on a bike on today's roads, which is why it is important to get the infrastructure right and make he roads safer.

Cycling will only be for the already confident cyclist unless better facilities are provided by the county council as the Highways Authority.

For example, when the campaign has said that the pedalway mprovements around danger spots have been half hearted for cyclists, we have been told that the county council must 'balance the needs of all road users'.

This seems to be code for, 'cycling improvements must not be seen to slow up motorised traffic flow'.

But when we ask for a safe route for cycling to and from the city along Dereham Road across the new roundabout, we are told this is impossible if buses and motorised traffic are to queue less.

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Not exactly 'balancing the needs of all users'.

It is also not addressing the increase in deaths and serious injuries to cyclists on Norfolk roads in the past year, mainly in Norwich and Yarmouth.

Margaret Todd, Norwich Cycling Campaign, Elm Grove Lane, Norwich