Why I love Norfolk: Peter Stickney

Peter Stickney of The Lord Chamberlain's Men

Peter Stickney of The Lord Chamberlain's Men - Credit: Per Sollerman


The Anglican Cathedral is the quintessential Norfolk landmark and it would be hard to look too far beyond it.

I have a particular memory of a visit there when I was younger. I remember pushing around a table on wheels with a mirror on top of it so that you could more easily look at the detail in the ceiling.

I was enchanted with the building then and remain so today.

Norwich Cathedral is Peter's favourite Norfolk landmark

Norwich Cathedral is Peter's favourite Norfolk landmark - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Being able to bring our productions there every summer with an audience of my Mum, Dad, dear friends and, possibly, other cathedral ceiling admirers is such a special feeling.

Attraction/day out

It should be evident from most of my answers to these questions that I am not much of one for going out… but the attraction that has brought me back to Norfolk the most over the years is Saxlingham Cricket Club and one of their teams in particular.

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Not only do The Lord Chamberlain’s Men co-sponsor the youth team but I used to “play” for the league and friendly teams and my dad still does.

A crack team of 40+ year-old athletes in their prime, Saxlingham Gents CC have been delivering their particular brand of cricket since the late 80s often with me in tow. I have decades of extremely fond memories of visiting this “attraction”. 


Being a non-drinker and, having only really been back in Norfolk since lockdown, I am not best placed to answer this one…

However, there are several establishments that I have fond memories of; the Coach and Horses on Bethel Street was a regular haunt after theatre classes at the Theatre Royal (once I was old enough).

Peter spent much time playing pool at the Trafford Arms in Norwich

Peter spent much time playing pool at the Trafford Arms in Norwich - Credit: Matthew Usher

Much to the chagrin of my parents I spent a lot of time playing pool at the Trafford Arms on Grove Road when I should have been at the Hewett School and, before I left Norfolk to go to drama school I worked at the Fat Cat on Nelson Street (a real ale institution!) and behind the bar (as well as backstage) at the Playhouse Bar. Incredibly fond memories of both a mis-spent and well-spent youth.

Place to eat

A bit of a cheat here but… having lived in Lewisham in South East London for a while I have developed a taste for Caribbean food and I am a big fan of plantain.

It isn’t that widely available in Norwich (well, maybe it is I just haven’t found it) but there is a shop - Norfolk Daily Fresh - near a very dear friend of mine’s house on Magdalen Road that sells it and much more besides.

Whenever I am nearby, I stock up, rush home and eat my fill (and a couple of other people’s fills too)!


On New Year’s Day this year my Dad and I went for a walk seal and bird spotting at Winterton-on-Sea.

When we were there, I couldn’t believe how many seals were on the beach and, concerningly, on the paths!

Fortunately, the seal wardens were out in force and a chat with them revealed how the populations have increased recently.

There may need to be some kind of seal highway set up as Winterton soon becomes the seal capital of the world. The dunes there are beautiful and it is a particularly special place as I took my daughter there some time ago and hope to return with her in better, easier times soon to show her the seals.


I am quite a fan of cinnamon buns, as my expanding waistline will testify. I cannot get within about five miles of Bread Source on Upper St Giles’ without buying more cinnamon buns than is necessary.

Peter finds Bread Source's pastries hard to resist - their cinnamon buns are his favourite

Peter finds Bread Source's pastries hard to resist - their cinnamon buns are his favourite - Credit: Ella Wilkinson

Always accompanied by a cup of Norfolk tea from the St Giles’ Pantry next door!


I have always been a fan of Gnaw chocolate. With unusual flavours and it being a local product has always made it a bit of a special one. 


Nearly two years ago I returned to Norfolk and ended up needing to stay for quite a while. During that time, I spent a lot of time walking around the village where I grew up (Saxlingham Nethergate) and the surrounding areas. I found it a huge tonic during some incredibly difficult personal times. Not only getting out to keep physically fit (ish) but also mentally fit. Seeing the special and magical places of my childhood (the local playing field, Shotesham Ford and the back fields in Saxlingham where I used to play with friends) brought me and still does bring me great comfort. It is also a very pretty village; I was lucky to grow up there!

The Lord Chamberlain's Men perform As You Like It at Norwich Cathedral on July 8 and 9. For information visit cathedral.org