Three-bedroom period building up for sale opposite cathedral

The flat and unit are opposite Norwich Cathedral's entrance

The flat and unit are opposite Norwich Cathedral's entrance - Credit: Arnolds Keys

A three-bedroom flat with shop in the heart of the city, with a gorgeous view of the cathedral, has gone up for sale for almost half a million pounds.

The property, located in Tombland, was home to business Milly J Shoes - but has since been vacated.

Being in one of the city's hotspots the space is going for a guide price of £425,000.

Nick O'Leary, head of commercial agency at Arnolds Keys, said: "We received the listing back in December 2021 but it was still occupied until March.

Ground-floor retail space, formerly Milly J Shoes, at 12 Tombland in Norwich

The ground-floor retail space - Credit: Arnolds Keys

"Our understanding was that a lot of the sales from the previous shop came from their online store.

"While they did sell items from the building it wasn't necessarily their main selling area.

"Coinciding with the end of their lease the previous occupier didn't wish to commit to another term and decided to vacate the shop so it could be of use to someone else."

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The building provides ground floor retail accommodation with two more floors which can be lived in or rented out.

Exterior of 12 Tombland, which has a retail space and three-bed flat above for sale for £425k

This Grade II listed building, which offers a three-bed flat and retail space, once occupied by Milly J Shoes, is up for sale - Credit: Arnolds Keys

Mr O'Leary added: "While the property would likely be used mostly as a residential space anyone can come and look.

"But the value is in its residential properties.

"We envisage that it will be bought by an investor and re-let out to someone but there is the potential there to occupy the flat or hold it as an investment.

"The interest we've had has been split between people who want to simply occupy the property and to let out the shop downstairs.

The new Milly J Shoes store in Tombland. Photo: Sonya Duncan

The new Milly J Shoes store in Tombland. Photo: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Sonya Duncan

"We've also had some investors looking at it to possibly let out both areas."

Basement storage can be accessed from the rear of the building and a further door leads to a small flight of stairs up to a small storage area.

A separate entrance can be accessed from Tombland alley.

Mr O'Leary added: "We don't see any great change for use of the property - it will likely be used for another retail type of shop and occupied by those that buy it or rent it out."