Sprowston church holds exhibition of plans for 5,000 new homes in Broadland

People living on the outskirts of Norwich have been given the chance to have their say about proposals to build up to 5,000 homes in the area.

Developers held an exhibition about plans to build a new community in Broadland, which could stretch from Sprowston to Old Catton between Wroxham Road and Cromer Road, tonight.

The exhibition, held at St Cuthbert's Church, off Wroxham Road, Sprowston, is the first in a series of events planned by London-based developers Beyond Green to gauge what members of the public think.

Denise Jermy, 58, from Cere Road, Sprowston, said: 'I think it's going to happen no matter what we say but I would like to see some bicycle lanes so we can at least ride our bikes and a nice park.'

Toni Morina, 49, a mother-of-two from Alford Grove, Sprowston, said: 'We live in a lovely area here so there are, I'm sure, a lot of concerns for people. As long as they (the developers) do hear our views and don't just do what they want anyway.'

Jeff Burnett, 69, and his wife, Joy, 67, who live off Wroxham Road, Sprowston, also attended the meeting.

Mrs Burnett said: 'Before we came we were very concerned - that's why we came along. But in talking to the people we have to say we've been appeased by what they've said - if they stick to what they're saying.'

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Jonathan Smales, chairman of Beyond Green, said: 'It's really early stages of what I think is potentially an important project for Broadland and for the city.

'We want people to get involved with us right from the outset so that everyone can feel real ownership of it.'

Exhibitions take place at the church on Monday and Tuesday (6.30pm to 9pm, with workshops at Sprowston Fete on Saturday (1pm to 5pm); Spixworth Fete, Sunday, July 10 (2pm to 5pm); and Old Catton Flower Festival, Saturday, July 16 (10am to 4pm).