Search for harmony in row over piano playing

The mother of a teenage musician at the centre of a row over noise issues has said she has moved the piano that was causing complaints, but their neighbour says that the situation has not been resolved.

As previously reported, Kien Ingate, 14, of Windsor Park Gardens, Sprowston, has been facing a ban on playing the piano at home after neighbour Steven Pyrke complained to Broadland District Council about the level of noise.

Kien's mum May Chong, 38, was sent a letter from the authority in March saying she may be served an abatement notice, but since then a mediation meeting has taken place involving Ms Chong and Mr Pyrke.

Following this, Ms Chong said she has moved the piano away from the wall her home shares with the neighbour and she has asked the council to reassess the situation. 'Hopefully they will consider what I have done and they will let my son play,' she said. 'At the moment everything feels like it is just hanging. We do not know what will happen.'

But Mr Pyrke, who lives with his partner and their 18-month-old daughter, said as far as he was concerned the mediation had not resolved the situation. He said: 'I accept it's a terraced house but everyone deserves to live in their own home, with the right to some sort of peace.

'At the moment every night we sit there on tenterhoooks, waiting for when it's going to play. It stresses me out. It stresses my partner out.'

Andy Jarvis, head of environmental services at the council, said: 'Mediation has now taken place between the neighbours. We have received a letter from May Chong offering to reposition the piano away from the connecting wall and asking us to reassess the situation. We will be contacting her shortly and if this solves the problem there will be no further reason for us to be involved. We would always prefer to help residents resolve these issues between themselves, if possible, rather than imposing orders on people.'

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