Neighbours fear 10 bedroom house in Norwich could have ‘negative impact’ on area

Plans have been submitted to Norwich City Council to create a 10 bed home in Primula Drive. Picture:

Plans have been submitted to Norwich City Council to create a 10 bed home in Primula Drive. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

Plans have been submitted to Norwich City Council to create a 10 bedroom house.

Alterations would be made to convert the garage on a property in Primula Drive, off Earlham Road, adding four more bedrooms to the house which is shared accommodation.

The documents were submitted to the council on October 30 and has three objections already. The rooms will have en-suites and are designed for students.

But residents have raised concerns that the increase in occupants will lead to parking issues and cause a 'negative impact' on the area.

One comment says: 'Multiple occupancy in a family house is unacceptable and parking is restricted and would be problematic.'

Another said: 'Not nearly enough street parking for ten people. Quiet road will become busier and noisier, and the flat residents who need the local car parks will not be able to park.'

Although residents have raised these points three more parking spaces will be created.

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Another resident says there has been problems with multiple residence homes.

They said: 'With the issues already on-going with other properties of multiple residence this would have a wholeheartedly negative impact on the area.'

But designers JMR Architectural Designs say that these issues have been taken into account and solutions have been made.

A spokesman from JMR Architectural Designs said: 'This has been a 6 bed HMO since 2007 with very minimal impact on the neighbours due to the plot being spacious, the streets are wide and its position at the open end of the street with only one neighbour.

'The proposed development will have only the slightest visual impact on the street scene as it involves only a garage conversion and revised internal layout due to the large existing rooms.

'There will be no building work extending the property either horizontally or vertically. The main entrance will remain off Salter Avenue with a further pedestrian and vehicle access off Primula Drive.

'There will be 10 bike storage spaces allocated within the new bike sheds secured within the locked walled garden.

'We totally believe the development will provide high-quality safe accommodation.'

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